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Understanding Dreams

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Most all people dream regularly, but they do not know what their dreams mean. Have you had dreams about lions, cars, money, doing things you do not understand or heaven? Do you constantly have scary dreams about zombies, death, hell, bad things happening to yourself, your loved ones or friends?

Your dreams absolutely mean something! God is trying to reveal answers to questions that you have asked Him, or that you have been consistently thinking or are concerned about, as well as give you direction for what you are to do.

True Revelation from God can change your life no matter who you are! God can speak to anyone, even those who do not believe in Him. Why? Because He cares about and loves you.

Do not take your dreams lightly!!! If you want to understand what your dreams mean or want to have someone interpret a dream for you, take advantage of the below options.


Dream Interpretation Course

If you desire to do an in-depth personal study on understanding dreams and visions, this course is for you. Learn how dreams are used, why we have dreams, how to identify the source of your dreams and more. This course is completed in your own time and comes with everything you will need to have a full understanding of dreams.

Basic Dream Interpretation 

Learn the basics of interpreting your own dreams and understanding what to do about them. This downloadable file will give you the information you need to understand what is being said to you in your dreams.



Have My dream Interpreted

Have you had the same dream repeatedly for years, do you wake up in a cold sweat needing to understand what the dream you just had means, are you afraid to go to sleep because you know you will dream of something fearful? We offer you the opportunity to have any dream interpreted with the option for further counsel if you desire. Your dreams mean something and we want to help you understand what is being said to you. We ask for a $30 contribution only to help cover our cost for providing this service.

Dream Interpretation Package

With this package, you will receive all of our dream interpretation offerings with a combined savings of $10 if purchased separately.

Have My Dream Interpreted

Have My Dream Interpreted


Have you woken up from a dream and been confused, scared or frightened? Did you want to know what that dream meant? Have you had the same recurring dream for years and not known what to do about it? With our dream interpretation offer, you can have any one dream interpreted with an option to have additional counsel added on.

Your $30 contribution helps us to cover our cost for providing this service for you. Thank you for looking to us to help in this area.

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After purchase, check your email for your Dream Interpretation form. Follow the instructions on the page to submit your dream.