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House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network is a resource center for Pastors and Leaders designed to help their church or ministry to grow exponentially.

For those who desire, we offer membership in the Network that offers special benefits, however, membership in the Network is optional. All materials and resources are offered with a Network Membership.


Pastors and Ministers

To Pastors and Ministers we offer materials that develop individuals in all areas thus making them well rounded soldiers who can effectively minister and be catalysts for the Spirit of God to move where they are. For those who would like to join the Network, Network Membership does not require you to leave your current organizations/ministerial affiliations, rather it gives you access to our resources with the benefits associated with membership.

  • Prayer covering for your ministry

  • 25% discount on all materials

  • Personalized Ministerial Evaluation

  • Ministerial Counseling

Yearly Network Membership Costs

There are three contribution types for Network Membership:

  1. $100.00 monthly = $1,200.00 for the year

  2. $275.00 quarterly = $1,100.00 for the year **$100.00 savings

  3. $1,000.00 one-time contribution = $1,000.00 for the year **$200.00 savings


School of Ministry Alumni

For Ministers who have been licensed through the Aspiring Ministers Program, my greatest desire is that both you and your ministry are a catalyst of Revival to your sphere of influence and to your constituency. The materials that the Lord has given this ministry are to make a difference in this world through the ministers and servants who will seek the face of the Lord and continue to fight the fight of faith, not just for themselves and their families, but for the lost and those being bound by the enemy. Through your continued connection as a School of Ministry Alumni, I believe you will become further empowered to do the work you have been called to do. There is not much time left and we should each do all that we can with what the Lord has given us.

Alumni Benefits
$150 yearly keeps your Alumni Membership and Ministerial Credentials active and gives you access to the following benefits

  • Yearly renewed Ministry ID card

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Ministry counsel

  • Ministerial prayer covering

  • 25% discount on all materials

For School of Ministry Alumni who prefer to remain Independent ministers, you will not have access to the benefits of the Network, yet all of the resources that the Network offers are available to you at the listed contributions.

Ministry Evaluation/Consultation


Has your ministry stagnated and you do not know why? Is your ministry/Church not growing and you are not seeing the vision the Lord gave you come to fruition? Do you desire to know what things you can do to strengthen and see better results in your ministry, such as the supernatural manifestation of the power of God or both spiritual and natural growth in the people you minister to? If you can identify with any of these or desire a wellness check of your ministry/Church, we would like to offer you our Ministry Evaluation/Consultation. Through this evaluation you will receive a thorough Personalized consultation with recommendations and strategies that will work best for yourself and your ministry/Church.

Network Church

To become a Network Church or a church that is spiritually covered by House of David Five Fold Network:

  • Read more about the Membership Process and Network benefits by clicking the “Network More Info” button above.

Completed forms can be returned by:

  • Fax to 407-821-3940

  • Scanning the forms and emailing them to:

  • Or mailing the forms to: House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network, PO Box 607548, Orlando, FL, 32860.