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About Us

House of David Five Fold and Ministry Network

House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network is an Apostolic work with an Apostolic vision, which equips and enables laborers to accomplish the Great Commission. The Bible tells us that Apostles are first, I Corinthians 12:27-28 says; “Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular. And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.”

Apostles are not just first in rank, but also in timing or order sent. Apostolic vision must go first to establish, train, and equip the labors that God is calling to receive the last days harvest. House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network is called to this specific work. To accomplish this, House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network has established the House of David Schools of Ministry to develop laborers to go into the End Time Harvest and reap precious souls for Christ. 

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network trains, equips and empowers leaders and believers with purpose, instruction, and anointing. As a result each is able to function in his or her calling and intended place of service in the work of the Lord. We are sent to facilitate this present Revival and the Great Awakening of Souls with a spiritually skilled labor force.

Our number one goal is Christ, our mission is souls and our vision is a "Last Days Book of Acts". A marvelous work is done in the life of all who attend and apply the Word taught through this Ministry.

This means that the believer is transformed into a Christ-centered, miracle working, power-packed, Holy Ghost-filled saint of the Living God. They become a living example of the virtuous character (exousia) and power (dunamis) of our Living Lord Jesus Christ.

Tony Owens

Tony Owens has been in ministry for over 22 years. He has held seminars for the edification and equipping of the saints in many cities throughout the United States. He has held empowerment and faith building seminars for Pastors, ministry leaders, and general laity, to encourage and infuse their hearts with passion to accomplish their purpose in the great commission. His passion is to empower the Christian to not just know what Jesus did, rather to do what Jesus did, walk in power.

Bishop Owens also oversees the House of David Ministries Church service in both Florida and New York which provides a place of fellowship and spiritual rejuvenation to ministry leaders and local congregants, many of which have established personal ministries of which House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network provides a spiritual covering. Bishop Tony Owens also currently oversees ministries nationally and internationally.

Bishop Tony Owens has written over 40 books and has developed a variety of Ministry Strategies, Bible Study Curriculum's, Spiritual Enrichment Courses, Workshops. These courses cover a wide range of topics included but not limited to: Deliverance, Understanding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Healing, Supernatural Faith, The Book of Revelation,  When Jesus Comes and many more. These teachings have reached people throughout the United States and approximately 120 countries of the world. Some of these are available on the Tony Owens Ministries Bookstore website.

Tony Owens continues to fulfill the Apostolic vision for his ministry, daily, breaking new ground, and empowering Christians through the Word of God to activate the gifts that God has given them.

Bishop Owens has been happily married to Pastor Sceniorette Owens for 22 years, together they have two children. Bishop Owens’ offices can be reached at (407)821-3933 for any questions or requests.