House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network

Regional Five Fold Course

Five Fold Ministry Course Regional Monthly Classes. 

Classes held in the Boro of Queens in New York City will be the North Eastern Regional Classes.  These classes are located at The Radisson JFk hotel 135-30 140th St Jamaica, NY 11436. Class begins June 22, 2019

Classes held in the City of Orlando will be the South Eastern Regional Classes. These classes are held at the HIlton Altamonte Hotel 350 Northlake Blvd Altamonte Springs, FL 32701.  Class begins June 29, 2019

Are you called to the Five Fold Ministry or operating in it presently and want to grow in your call?  Have you been looking for your Elijah who is purposed by God to take you to the next level in your Five Fold call wherein is your impartation for the double anointing?  Have you been looking for a level of Five Fold Training and Instruction wherein it is not just knowledge and information regarding your call, but also Divine Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral, and Teachers Strategies that when employed cause great breakthrough and deliverance?  Have you sought to operate in the power and truth of the Biblical Five Fold, and not just wanting traditional Five Fold titles without the corresponding spiritual evidence.  If this is what you have a passion for, then our Free Five Fold Regional Monthly Class is for you.  If you need to know more about your calling, or if you have more than one operating in your life, then these classes will help you identify what they are, and which one is your primary and secondary.  Don’t worry about the distance that you may have to travel once a month, for it is well worth it, for it will so enhance your life and Ministry.      

The Five Fold Ministry Regional Course Classes are Free, but you are required to purchase your books and materials.  We also take a Free Will offering in the monthly classes. 

These Five Fold Regional Course are held once a month to afford those who seek Five Fold Training, Instruction, Strategic Understanding, and Spiritual Impartation from around the region to have access to these God ordained tools and strategies to fulfill their calls, or help someone called to the Five Fold Ministry.  Although these classes are held once a month, they are full of Five Fold Teaching, Instruction and Strategies that make it worthwhile to commit to and participate in.     

It doesn’t matter what state that you may reside in, our Five Fold Regional Course is meant to make your training possible, by offering a once a month attendance, while yet giving a full curriculum of teachings, instruction, and strategies that is proven to cause Five Fold Ministry people to grow exponentially in the various areas of their calling.  It is truly worth the investment of attending 1 day per month.

If you have any questions please email them to u at FIveFoldNetwork@RiversOf or call us at (407) 703-4559.  The fastest response will be through email.

If you are don’t live near your regional Five Fold class and need to find hotel accommodations call us at  (407) 703-4559 and we will give you a short list of hotels in the area. 

This course is Free, but we do ask that you give an offering at the monthly meetings.