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Ministry Development Training


 There are many people that God calls for Ministry, yet there are few who answer God’s call to them by doing what’s necessary to qualify for God to use them in Ministry.  Matthew 22:14 says something interesting, it says, “For many are called, but few are chosen.”  Preparation usually proceeds being chosen.  God has called you to Ministry and gives each of us who are called the responsibility to get ready.  If you are called to Ministry, I’d like to give you Free Introductory Ministry Training.  This Introductory Training will help you in laying a foundation for the call to Ministry in your life.  It is God who is setting forth this opportunity for you to become what He has called you to be.  He has sent you to this website in order to further develop, train and equip you to fulfill what He has destined you to do.  If your serious about God, and the call on your life, please sign up and we will begin preparing your Free Introductory Ministry Training to send to you.